Travel photos pt.1

I'm getting caught up with scanning and editing film from last year. I took this film to get processed in the fall and then had a baby and totally forgot about it-oops! Luckily it was still there when I went to pick it up. Here are some photos from our trip to California!

These are from the Calavaras Big Trees state park we went to. I wish I could import the smell of the air there to Chicago!

Here are a couple from Chinatown in San Francisco where we had one of our "babymoons"

Enjoying the sunshine on the rooftop terrace at SFMOMA

Part of my ongoing series of window portraits

So where's home? A film about third culture kid identity.

I've talked a lot about how my childhood has been a constant source of inspiration in my art work. I was exposed to many different cultures growing up and lived abroad from 3rd grade through 8th grade.  I thought this video was an interesting take on young people growing up in similar circumstances, something that is more and more common these days.

So Where's Home? A Film About Third Culture Kid Identity from Adrian Bautista on Vimeo.

Fall in Hayward

We were lucky enough to head up to northern Wisconsin about a month ago for our last road trip of the year. This summer was so hectic it felt wonderful to get out of the city and be surrounded by beautiful scenery and fresh air. We were at a house on a lake and we got to go out on a boat a few times which was so fun! We saw a bunch of eagles, cranes, and other fun wildlife. Here are a few digital images, still waiting for my film to be processed.

On the Road...again

It feels like I've been on the road a lot lately. It started with visiting old friends in central Illinois, then over Labor Day we drove south through Kentucky, West Virginia, Virginia, and North Carolina and this weekend we're on our way to northern Wisconsin for another long weekend. The mountains in West Virginia were really spectacular and it felt good to get away from the city for a bit and just be outside. Our first stop was Louisville which I am excited to return to! We stayed with some friends at the 21C Museum Hotel which I had heard about for years. I highly recommend it! The atmosphere is filled with contemporary art (not just in the galleries they have). But there was no sense of pretension, it was just really fun. Since I'm still editing most of my photos, here are a few from the hotel and from the road.

On the way to Farmer City, IL

The bar at 21C where I got tasty house made sodas while everyone else drank bourbon:)

The view from our window, ha!

These red penguins were all over the place, apparently this one had been naughty

Excuse the crappy iPhone photo, this was way cooler in person

Heading to West Virginia

Calaveras Big Trees

We didn't do much on our trip to California other than lots of lounging outside, walks, and visiting with family, which was just what we needed. We did take one excursion to the Calaveras Big Trees state park though which was AMAZING. I'm a fan of trees and this park has lots of giant redwoods and sequoias which you just have to see in person. We smelled the park before we saw it, the pine and redwood smell was out of this world. I try to breathe it in as much as possible to counterbalance me walking on stinky Western ave so much:) Anyway, here's some photos I took on my phone, still waiting to process the film I shot.

enormous pinecone!

my p's


"Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts. Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all one’s lifetime.”
― Mark Twain

Hayward, WI 2010



The meal that blew my mind

Since we only had one night in San Francisco I really wanted to have a special meal somewhere. I know there are so many great restaurants in the city, it was really hard to choose. But based on where our hotel was (Union Square), I decided to make us a reservation at Sons & Daughters. I had read about this place before in Food and Wine and read really good reviews. I don't typically go for restaurants that only offer tasting menus- I usually prefer more rustic, simple food and I can be really picky:) But this place offered a vegetarian tasting menu also so just in case I didn't like the regular one, I knew I had another option. Here are both menus.

I ended up choosing the regular menu because with the exception of one course (pork belly), everything else was seafood or poultry, which I eat. I decided to give Matt my pork and try everything else. I'm so glad I did! The whole meal was seriously amazing. Matt did the wine pairings which he said were awesome. As soon as we got back to the hotel, I wrote down a more full description of the menu because the ones above don't do it justice. So here it goes, I didn't take any photos but here's one I found- so pretty!

1. Marin miyagi oyster with lime and thai chili granita and salted watermelon foam, buttermilk chicharon with trout roe and smoked cream

2. Ft. Bragg sea urchin, seaweed, herbs, sea salt, cucumber, dashi vinaigrette

3. Marigold greens gazpacho, herbs and edible flowers, radish, fried Tomales Bay mussel (this was accompanied by a small piece of house made toast that came with butter topped with sea salt and was so insanely awesome, maybe my fave thing all night.)

4. Roasted beets, cucumber, yogurt, pickled mustard seeds, herbs, vadouvan (this came with a little house made sourdough roll)

5. Pork belly, farro, spring peas (whole and pureed), coyote mint, cauliflower, espelette pepper (the pork belly was off to the side so I got to give that to Matt and eat everything else)

6. Squab, pickled fennel, tangerine, marcona almond puree (this came with a house made pretzel roll)

7. Stonefruit semifreddo, pickled blueberries, blueberry meringue

8. Fromage blanc napoleon, wild strawberry, raspberry, lemon, vanilla bean ice cream

*9. Our bonus bite was a chamomile lavender madeleine


We got back from our trip to California a week ago and I'm finally getting caught up! I have tons of posts coming up but I wanted to start with some photos from our trip to SFMOMA. We saw a huge retrospective of Mexican Photography that was really interesting, I loved some of the more contemporary images. I didn't take any photos in that show so the following are faves that were fun to see in person.
This was a piece in entryway, the view as you were looking up.

This is the same piece but viewed from a mezzanine. There was actually a projection of two boxers on the hanging lights.

Barry McGee

Margaret Kilgallen

Matt enjoying some coffee on the gorgeous rooftop terrace

Rooftop terrace

Anselm Kiefer
This last images reminded me that there was a documentary made about Kiefer called Over Your Cities Grass Will Grow. Here is the trailer, I'm hoping it makes it to Netflix soon!

Longman & Eagle Inn

For our first anniversary we wanted to do something special but didn't really want to travel far since we've been away a lot this year. So we decided to book a room at the Longman & Eagle Inn and have dinner there. It felt a little weird going "on vacation" someplace so close but it was fantastic! We really felt like we were getting away and coming home the next day took 10 minutes which was awesome. Here are some photos and details from our time there, I highly recommend it!!

Here's our room, they have 6 different rooms ranging in price from $75-$200 so we chose one right in the middle. I loved the design of everything, it was very modern and comfortable and well thought out.
This was our free gift in our room!

And they had an awesome tape deck with pre-made mixtapes for us to listen to! Our favorite was "Raps":)
Our room's wallpaper were prints by super talented duo, Sonnenzimmer

A pretty terrarium

On our way to dinner
I should also mention they give you two free drink tokens in your room, an awesome mini-bar/fridge and will hold a table for you in the restaurant if you tell them when you check in that you want to eat there which means we had no wait on a Saturday night!And this goes without saying but our meal that night was off the charts.

The next morning we walked over to Lula for brunch which was also amazing. All in all a fantastic way to celebrate our first year of marriage!

2011 European Adventure- Amsterdam recap

After our time in Köln, we took a train to Amsterdam. It was so fun to see the countryside and notice the differences between Germany and the Netherlands. And it only took 2 hours! I'm so jealous of how close cities are to each other in Europe. So many of our friends told us how awesome Amsterdam was but I wasn't sure what to expect. I've spent more time in Portugal/Spain and the U.K. so northern Europe was totally new for me...and I loved it. We walked from the train station to our hotel and the city was so bustling, young, international and yes, there were tons of bikes everywhere! It was such an easy city to walk around and the canals were so pretty. I can definitely see us going back for another trip. Here are some photos:

2011 European Adventure- Köln recap

The first leg of our trip this Fall was in Germany. I hadn't been there since 1993 when my family lived in Stuttgart and I had never been to Cologne (or Köln) before so it was fun to go somewhere totally new. And I learned that Cologne is the home of Kölsch beer! The city is on the Rhine river and our hotel had a great location right across the river from the downtown area and the famous Dom (cathedral). On the bridge there were thousands of locks with couples' names on them. Apparently it's a tradition that couples get locks with their names and the year on it and attach it to the bridge. Our friends surprised us on our second day there with locks for each of us! We put them on the bridge together. I love the idea of going back to see our lock in 20 years (or more!).  The weather was kind of cool and a little drizzly throughout which was kind of great for walking around all of old cobblestone streets. Here are some highlights:

Milwaukee Art Museum

Had a wonderful time this weekend in Milwaukee! It was lovely to leave grey, slushy, Chicago and come back on Sunday to warm and sunny Chicago. Here are some photos from our trip to the Milwaukee Art Museum. Chakaia Booker had a small show up and I really enjoyed seeing her works in person. I love that she uses such simple materials (tires) and transforms them into something completely new. Some of her sculptures reminded me of my friend Regin's drawings based on backpack straps and bicycle tires.

A year of travel-pt 3

Finally, in September Matt and I are going back to Europe to visit Amsterdam and Düsseldorf/Köln in Germany with friends. We've never been to any of these cities so we're really looking forward to just walking around soaking it all in! I used to live in a different part of Germany but haven't been back since 1993. Knowing how much Matt loves beer and sausage, I'm pretty sure he's gonna be in heaven:)