Close up

I got a macro lens for my camera that I'm super excited to play around with. I know plants and eyes aren't very interesting but it was crummy weather when I shot these so I had to stay inside! I love cameras being able to show things that the naked eye can't see.

Image transfer workshop- Spudnik Press

Last week I took a one-night workshop at Spudnik Press that focused on image transfers. I've used various image transfer methods in the past in my own work and in courses that I've taught but I felt like I needed a refresher. Two of my colleagues from Marwen were also taking the workshop and it was so fun! I learned a couple of new techniques that I'm excited to play around with some more- like using wintergreen oil, an icy/hot stick and a blender pen to transfer laserjet images. We also talked about acrylic/gel medium transfers which I've done before. It was so nice to work in a creative space with other people! I'm so used to working alone in my studio, I want to push myself more to take courses/workshops more.

Ragdale Studio

I'm getting ready to leave for Ragdale this Thursday-can't wait! I hope I bring everything I need, I'm sure I'll bring way more supplies than are some photos of the studio I'll be in. One half of the building is a musician's studio and the other half is a visual art studio which is where I'll be. I took these photos last fall when I stayed at Ragdale over night for a work retreat. I can't believe I'll have all that space to myself-woo hoo!