Paper love

I have an addiction to paper- notebooks, sketchbooks, journals, stationary, whatever you want to call it, I can't get enough. I have a Pinterest board dedicated to this sort of thing. I've had to live with this affliction since I was very young. I remember starting a "paper" collection when I was in 3rd grade, living in Mozambique. My friends and I would get together and trade treasures. I still have my collection intact and let me say, it is the best time machine. I especially love that I have stationary and party invitations in a slew of other languages since all of my friends were from other countries. Check these out:

The little things

Don't know if it's because of this little person growing inside of me but I've been noticing lots of teeny tiny things lately. Here's a sampling.

adorable colored pencils at Marwen

my first peppers!

book by my former student Samantha Serrano, now studying photo at U of I

Active Archive

Ok, here we go! post #1. I'm hoping to use this space to collect images from my studio, my work, my travels, etc., an active archive if you will.
Here are some old pages from a sketchbook (not much of a drawer as you can see!) and some new pages from a demo book I made for a course I'm teaching at Marwen.