Centro Cultural de Belem lightbulb landscape

One of my favorite places to visit in Portugal is the Cultural Center in Belem, just outside of Lisbon. It's a beautiful building that houses tons of cultural events, including the Berardo Museum Collection which shows tons of modern and contemporary art. I just read about this cool installation that's in the walkway to the building, one more reason I'm dying to go back!

As part of a promotional effort to promote a new line of lighting solutions, IKEA Portugal partnered with LIKE Architects to create this fun illuminated walkway in the Belém Cultural Centre in Portugal. The lamps are programmed to have oscillating intensities, with each light possessing a unique pattern that results in a sort of shimmering maze of bare lightbulbs. See much more over on Domus. (via Colossal)

A year of travel-pt 1

We've been spending the first couple weeks of 2011 planning our travels for the year. Matt and I have both traveled a fair amount but I am really looking forward to seeing more of the world together! So far we have our honeymoon- London, then Wales for a week followed by a week in Portugal. I can't wait to climb up these hills:

And show Matt this:


I'm loving this new book. One of my favorite things about Portugal are the gorgeous azulejos that adorn so many buildings. This book has many examples of traditional designs and includes a cd-rom with all of the images on it-even better!

Comer e Beber

As I try to escape the frigid Chicago air (but Spring is on the way!), here are some more images from my trips to Portugal. Food and drinks always trigger memories for me and I make it a point to enjoy some specific items whenever I go back to Portugal. Included above are: pasteis de nata (enjoyed in Belem of course), hot dog (Boca do Inferno, listening to AC/DC), grilled chicken, bread and cheese (Belem), pasteis de bacalhau (Cascais), grilled cheese and sumol (Ave Liberdade, Lisbon), SuperBock (Cascais waterfront).


When I went to Portugal in 2006, I took a picture of a bench, a specific bench that I remembered from my youth when I lived there. The bench (see above) is in Cascais, close to the beach and the walking streets lined with shops, restaurants, and bars. I spent hours and hours hanging out with my friends in that area and love going back to visit.
During the rest of my trip, I noticed the abundance of benches and sitting areas in public spaces. Enjoying the outside and spending quiet time just sitting and observing your surroundings is definitely part of the culture. I began to document the variety of benches I noticed in the area. When I returned the following year in 2007, I decided to do a more formal study of the subject. Here are some of the photos I took. I also threw in a couple of the bench at my grandma's garden in California. I'm not sure how I will use these images in my artwork yet but there's something about them and what they symbolize that I am drawn to.