Do Ho Suh- Home Within Home Within Home Within Home Within Home

Korean artist Do Ho Suh (previously here) has just completed his largest artwork to date at Seoul’s National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art. Titled Home Within Home Within Home Within Home Within Home, the giant installation represents two previous residences the artist lived in at 1:1 scale, one structure inside the built with jade-colored silk evoking the feel of a 3D blueprint. The smaller structure is a traditional Korean home where Suh grew up a child which he then suspended inside a replica of his first residence in the United States, a modern apartment building in Providence, Rhode Island. The piece is so large that visitors are invited to walk inside and virtually explore it which you can do through May 14, 2014. Learn more over atLehmann Maupin and MMCA. (via colossal)

Centro Cultural de Belem lightbulb landscape

One of my favorite places to visit in Portugal is the Cultural Center in Belem, just outside of Lisbon. It's a beautiful building that houses tons of cultural events, including the Berardo Museum Collection which shows tons of modern and contemporary art. I just read about this cool installation that's in the walkway to the building, one more reason I'm dying to go back!

As part of a promotional effort to promote a new line of lighting solutions, IKEA Portugal partnered with LIKE Architects to create this fun illuminated walkway in the Belém Cultural Centre in Portugal. The lamps are programmed to have oscillating intensities, with each light possessing a unique pattern that results in a sort of shimmering maze of bare lightbulbs. See much more over on Domus. (via Colossal)