Century of the Child

Artifacts from PeeWee's Playhouse
Century of the Child
Growing by Design 

This is the title of a new exhibition at MOMA. I read this article in the New York Times about it and was intrigued. I wish I could just hop a plane to check it out! Luckily, MOMA has a fantastic interactive website for this exhibition. It features tons of images and information.

A toy designed by Vit Grus

The exhibition is organized chronologically in the following categories:

New Century, New Child, New Art 1900s-1910s

Avant-Garde Playtime 1910s-1930s

Light, Air, Health 1920s-1930s

Children and the Body Politic 1920s-1940s

Regeneration 1940s-1960s

Power Play 1960s-1990s

Designing Better Worlds 1960s- 2000s

Message to our folks

 A little familial plug for a really wonderful exhibition at the MCA that my sister curated. The artist is Rashid Johnson and the name of the exhibition is Message to Our Folks. Rashid lives in New York now but is from Chicago and went to school at Columbia College and SAIC. His work includes photography, sculpture, installation, and painting. I absolutely love the way he repeats certain symbols, materials, motifs, etc. The show is up until August 5th, 2012- Check it out!

Spudnik Press Fundraiser and Celebration!

If you're around this Saturday, come check out the 3rd Anniversary party for Spudnik Press. I have taken classes at Spudnik and donated a piece for the silent auction. Check it out!
Fundraiser and Celebration
Saturday, July 24th
at Happy Dog Gallery, 1542 N Milwaukee, 2
nd Floor
6 pm -- Midnight
Silent Auction ends at 10pm

Live Jazz by
New Now Know How followed by DJ Tomeeo
SpudnikPress invites you to attend our Open House and Fundraiser. Spudnik Press Cooperative is hosting a full day of festivities in recognition of three far out years of community print making.
During the Open House, Spudnik members will be providing free demonstrations. Visitors will be able to make their own greeting card or a patch with materials provided by the studio, and are encouraged to bring any addition materials to print on. Anyone interested in learning more about the studio is encouraged to come by, see our collection of prints, ask questions,and basque in the energy of community art making.

In the evening, festivities will move to Happy Dog Gallery. Jazz ensemble New Now Know How will perform. Complimentary beer will accompany a silent auction. The event is free, but all guests who contribute $10 will receive a complimentary print. $25 donations will receive a block printed T-shirt made on site. All contributions will support Spudnik's artist residency program, open studio sessions, free workshops, and new equipment. In addition to the auction, we will be releasing LilliCarré newest artist book created through our residency program.

Artists Include:
SanyaGlisic, Rachel Niffenegger, Paul Nudd, Jeremy Tinder, Sonnenzimmer, Ellen Gradman, Michael Miller, Andrew Blair, Cynthia King, JeremyLundquist, Wrik Repasky, Dutes Miller, Alex Chitty, Kathryn Rodrigues, Kim Heiney, Minna Sora, Angee Lennard, Jessica Taylor, Laura Szumowski, Liz Born, Brian Hoffmeister, Stano Grezdo, Pablo Phillipps, Erick Jurado, Dan Falco, Stacey Colangelo, Julia Hendrickson, Mischa Kegan, Daniel Mellis, Justin Santora, Jay Ryan(The Bird Machine), Tom Wilder, Sue Coe,  and Fred Stone & Chris Flynn (donated by Anchor Graphics, a program
of the Art & Design Department at Columbia College Chicago).

Bye Bye Splat Flats Studio...

Hello new and improved studio at home! It was a tough decision but I decided to move my studio to my apartment, still rearranging so photos to come. I think I'll be way more productive now that I can literally roll out of bed and make work. I am participating in one last show at Splat Flats:

Come one, come all to our THIRD annual summer arts extravaganza!!!

Saturday June 14th 3-10 pm

In and around the Miller Lumber Yard!

1815-25 W Division Street (but enter through the gate on Honoree)

Visual Art by: Jeremiah Ketner, Aliza Morell, Stacie Johnson,

Sarah Houle, Robert McDade, Katie Rodrigues, Diana Gabriel,

Ellen Gradman, Annie Stone, Rebecca Beachy, Yevgenia Baras

Michelle Graves, Sarah Beth Woods, Steve Summers, Jennifer

Korff, Joseph Mohan, Cassie Stadnicki, Aya Cook, & Angela Mobley.

ArtFutura 2008

Just got word that I have three works accepted into ArtFutura 2008,juried by James Rondeau of the Art Institute. It is a benefit hosted by the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago so they can have an art therapist on staff, a good cause indeed! I am eager to begin to show my work at new venues and to new audiences. Works will be on display from March 25th- April 3rd, 2008, in the Chicago Rooms of the Chicago Cultural Center located downtown at 78 E. Washington. I will be showing three photograms, a fairly new series I made from drawings on vellum. Above are details of the three works, California, Iraq and Illinois.