Foreign Exchange video

I have a series of drawings I did a few years back that I've been waiting to do something with, they felt very static on the pieces of vellum I drew them on. I was lucky enough to have Bill from Radical Cartography do some individual scans of the drawings and so I've finally decided to make them into a short video. Here is the background on the project:

This video was created from a series of drawings inspired by a teacher's edition atlas from the mid-1990's. Each country in the atlas had a graphic with it’s shape superimposed to scale on an outline of the US. I recreated the entire series from A-Z using ink on vellum. I was intrigued by the slow, methodical process of precisely drawing each shape of every country and redrawing the outline of the US over and over and over. I created visual conversations based on line, shape and scale that depoliticized these shapes. Because the source I was using was at least 15 years old,  some of the countries do not even exist today or their borders have changed. I like to think that maps are similar to photographs in that they represent something at a given moment that will inevitably change or become out of date.

Link to the video on vimeo.

New print!

We've been having a lot of fun arranging our new apartment. We finally started putting art on the walls which makes such a huge difference! I try to mix it up and not just have my own art on the walls which would be boring (for me) so we're incorporating a lot of artwork from our friends and local artists. I just bought a new print from Diana Sudyka, one of my faves. Her work is so whimsical and fun and I like how inspired she is by the natural world. I know birds (especially owls) are everywhere but I couldn't resist this guy:

New Art

We were lucky enough to get some wonderful new art as wedding presents (thanks to our amazingly creative friends!)

My maid of honor's brother is an artist who lives in Berlin and made this:

Daniel Kingery, Golden Years, 2010

One of our closest friends is a photographer and came over to take portraits of us a few months before our wedding. He made two beautiful light boxes with the photos, here is one of them:


And finally, another close friend who is a photographer, Joe Wigdahl, gave us a beautiful landscape print. I couldn't grab the image from his website but check out his work here!

Onward and Upward

Jason de Caires

Underwater Sculpture

I'm officially addicted to google analytics. It lets me know all sorts of stuff about how many people visit my website, where they live, how they found the website, etc. I've had over 400 people visit in the last few months from 27 different countries, so awesome! I'm hard at work on big updates so stay tuned. Above are some images of work I've found interesing lately...

Bye Bye Splat Flats Studio...

Hello new and improved studio at home! It was a tough decision but I decided to move my studio to my apartment, still rearranging so photos to come. I think I'll be way more productive now that I can literally roll out of bed and make work. I am participating in one last show at Splat Flats:

Come one, come all to our THIRD annual summer arts extravaganza!!!

Saturday June 14th 3-10 pm

In and around the Miller Lumber Yard!

1815-25 W Division Street (but enter through the gate on Honoree)

Visual Art by: Jeremiah Ketner, Aliza Morell, Stacie Johnson,

Sarah Houle, Robert McDade, Katie Rodrigues, Diana Gabriel,

Ellen Gradman, Annie Stone, Rebecca Beachy, Yevgenia Baras

Michelle Graves, Sarah Beth Woods, Steve Summers, Jennifer

Korff, Joseph Mohan, Cassie Stadnicki, Aya Cook, & Angela Mobley.

Ragdale Studio

I'm getting ready to leave for Ragdale this Thursday-can't wait! I hope I bring everything I need, I'm sure I'll bring way more supplies than are some photos of the studio I'll be in. One half of the building is a musician's studio and the other half is a visual art studio which is where I'll be. I took these photos last fall when I stayed at Ragdale over night for a work retreat. I can't believe I'll have all that space to myself-woo hoo!

Relationships from A-Z/Artist's Residency

Here are a few images from a new-ish series entitled, Relationships from A-Z. My roommate had a teacher's edition atlas from the 90's and for each country they had a graphic that superimposed the size of that country to scale on top of the U.S. I found this to be interesting on a few different levels and decided to recreate this part of the atlas. So I traced each graphic from A-Z of the whole atlas (some islands were omitted as they were too small to register). It was definitely a time consuming project and an interesting process to retrace the shape of the U.S. so many times. Images above from top to bottom are details of: AB, CDEF, OPQR
They're done on vellum so it's a little tricky to document but I hope to have better images soon!
I'm heading out to Ragdale next week for my 2 week residency that I feel like I've been talking about for ages. I'm so excited to finally experience being able to focus solely on making art. I'll have my laptop so I'm hoping to blog while I'm there.