Travel photos pt.1

I'm getting caught up with scanning and editing film from last year. I took this film to get processed in the fall and then had a baby and totally forgot about it-oops! Luckily it was still there when I went to pick it up. Here are some photos from our trip to California!

These are from the Calavaras Big Trees state park we went to. I wish I could import the smell of the air there to Chicago!

Here are a couple from Chinatown in San Francisco where we had one of our "babymoons"

Enjoying the sunshine on the rooftop terrace at SFMOMA

Part of my ongoing series of window portraits

Close up

I got a macro lens for my camera that I'm super excited to play around with. I know plants and eyes aren't very interesting but it was crummy weather when I shot these so I had to stay inside! I love cameras being able to show things that the naked eye can't see.

Art Fair/New Work

It's that time of year again, Marwen's annual Art Fair is on November 11th. This year I am submitting three photos including these two that I took this summer in the Badlands. They are a bit of a departure for me but there was something I found really interesting about watching people be tourists. More to come!

Lori Nix

These seem like pretty amazing interior spaces but they are actually dioramas built by the artist, ranging from 20x20 inches to 6 feet in diameter. She photographs them with an 8x10 large format camera which is why you can see every teeny, tiny detail. Amazing!