New art/ 20x200

I've been meaning to buy something from 20x200 for years and the time has finally come! If you haven't seen this website, I strongly encourage you to check it out. It's a really great way to buy art but at a much more affordable price than a gallery. Here are two pieces I just bought:

Yes, it's another map. But this was too cool to pass up. It's by Aaron Stroup Cope from a series called prettymaps which is also an awesome website (more on that in a separate post). In case you can't tell, it's Chicago:)

This is the other piece, alleverythingthatisyou sno8_231 by Mike + Doug Starn. This was super exciting because I've liked their work since I was in high school. Their older work had a very 90's feel (lots of layers, wax, varnish, photos presented in a grid, black + white, etc.) but this series is newer and more minimal. The coolest part? The brothers created a camera that could capture individual snowflakes in the moments between a solid and liquid state.