Catching up...again

I'm back from my cross-country trip with my Mom and am so excited to decompress and digest all of the wonderful experiences I've had in the last few months- our honeymoon, finishing up this year's Marwen Lab program, driving to California, quality time with family, friends, etc. I'm really hoping this blog will help me process everything.

Because I'm genetically predisposed to being a total planner of course I'm also busy thinking about planning next year's Marwen Lab, our trip to L.A. in August, another trip to Europe in September, all of the wonderful weddings we get to go to in the next few months, and moving for the first time in 7 years August 1st! Amidst all of this thinking ahead, I'm determined to appreciate summer in Chicago for the short time it's here. Hopefully I'll be eating a lot of this:

And seeing some of these: