Relationships from A-Z/Artist's Residency

Here are a few images from a new-ish series entitled, Relationships from A-Z. My roommate had a teacher's edition atlas from the 90's and for each country they had a graphic that superimposed the size of that country to scale on top of the U.S. I found this to be interesting on a few different levels and decided to recreate this part of the atlas. So I traced each graphic from A-Z of the whole atlas (some islands were omitted as they were too small to register). It was definitely a time consuming project and an interesting process to retrace the shape of the U.S. so many times. Images above from top to bottom are details of: AB, CDEF, OPQR
They're done on vellum so it's a little tricky to document but I hope to have better images soon!
I'm heading out to Ragdale next week for my 2 week residency that I feel like I've been talking about for ages. I'm so excited to finally experience being able to focus solely on making art. I'll have my laptop so I'm hoping to blog while I'm there.